Each clinic approaches physical therapy differently. This leads to a wide variety of patient experiences and outcomes. In order to provide the best possible patient experience here at Core Balance Physical Therapy, it is our policy to work with each patient one-on-one for the entire time of their visit. To learn more about how we would approach your unique condition, request a free screening or book your assessment and treatment today.

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Who We Treat

We treat a range of patients, from those with an injury or chronic pain, to anyone who has a desire to become more active and live a healthier lifestyle. We treat young children, adults and seniors. If your goal is to move without pain, run a marathon, lift up your grandchildren, find better balance, or play golf, then we are here to help you achieve your goal.

We also offer a variety of wellness services including health coaching, yoga, and golf fitness programs to help you transition from therapy to an active healthy lifestyle.

How We Treat

Here at Core Balance Physical Therapy, we believe therapy is a partnership between you and your therapist. Your therapist will help you establish a plan that is tailored to your individual goals and needs. During uniquely individualized, one to one treatment sessions, we use a variety of assessment and treatment techniques to address your individual physical therapy needs to get to the source of your pain and injury. We create effective treatment plans you can feel confident following toward your best physical health.

Since we believe everyone has a right to high quality, individualized care, we are pleased to provide you with concierge-style care without the concierge price. We are in network with most major insurances and accept Medicare.

All of your physical therapy sessions will be with a licensed physical therapist; none of your treatment is delegated to assistants or technicians. During your initial evaluation, and throughout your treatments, our licensed physical therapists will take the time to fully understand what is most important to you. We’ll learn your desired outcomes, and explore the limiting factors that may be keeping you from moving forward with confidence.

We strive to maximize the use your time in physical therapy treatments. Your time spent in therapy will be optimized with hands on treatment, corrective exercises, and education. We do not deliver treatments like ice and heat that you can do for yourself for free at home.

What We Treat

Physical therapy is an essential part of most primary care treatment plans for people recovering from orthopedic procedures. In addition, research has shown that physical therapy may provide an alternative to drug therapy or surgery for people dealing with acute and chronic conditions for:
● Back & Neck Pain
● Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, & Hand Pain
● Hip, Leg, Knee, Ankle & Foot Pain
● Sports, Work, and Automobile Injuries
● Chronic Pain & Arthritis
● Balance & Gait Disorders
● Neurological Conditions
● Pre-Surgical Readiness & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Tired of pain controlling your life?

Core Balance helps you overcome the 3 most common problems people have with physical rehabilitation and musculoskeletal pain management…

 1. Going from doctor to doctor with little or no long-term results.

 2. Fear of exercise due to pain or re-injury.

 3. Lack of confidence during physical activities and exercise.

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Reduce Pain, Increase Range of Motion, Strengthen, and Progress

  • Are you tired of pain limiting your life?

  • Have you gone from doctor to doctor, with little or no long-term results?

  • Have you stopped exercising because of fear of re-injury?

  • Do you feel confident in your body during activities and/or exercise?

  • Do you feel in control of your body’s ability to perform?

  • Are you sleeping well through the night?

  • Are you ready to break free from pain and enjoy all that life has to offer?


Break Free From Pain

Feel Better, Move Better, Perform Better.

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