Holistic Health Coaching 

Put An End To Yo-Yo Dieting 

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It’s not about the diet, it’s about the support…

Most dieters find themselves trapped in the yo-yo cycle of losing and gaining weight. In addition, we’re constantly bombarded with confusing and conflicting information from the media and internet. Some say become a vegetarian while others say to eat more meat.  Some say low fat is better while others say you need a high fat diet.  And some even claim the foods you always thought were healthy are actually bad for you — and bad foods are now good.

This leads to calorie counting, food restriction, reliance on expensive weight loss systems, and health problems like chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, and eating disorders.

But with the right support – like our Holistic Health Coaching – it’s easier to make better choices and stay on track to achieve your health goals.

Discover Which Approach Works Best For You With Your Core Balance Holistic Health Coach

We don’t just advocate only one approach. Instead, since we study all the major dietary theories, we can apply practical lifestyle coaching methods to guide you in discovering which approach works best for you.

A Holistic Health Coach Is Your Solution For Health & Weight Loss

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Lose Weight The Right Way With 6-Month Coaching Program.

6 month holistic health coaching at Core Balance

Most approaches to nutrition and diets dwell on calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. But Core Balance Holistic Health Coaching is different. Rather than focusing on food restriction, you work with your coach in person and over the phone to create a healthier life in a way that is flexible, fun, and free of denial!

Core Balance Holistic Health Coaching is ideal for people tired of counting calories and complicated food tracking apps.  It’s also ideal for people who are tired of being trapped in an expensive world of weight loss systems and meal plans. 

No weight loss system can substitute for natural diet and lifestyle changes. Instead, you just need to talk to a HEALTH PROFESSIONAL who takes the time to talk with you about your diet and lifestyle.  That’s why Core Balance Holistic Health is set up to:

  • Provide a common sense weight loss and wellness plan that is natural and effective.
  • Create a highly personalized diet that works for you.
  • Give you step-by-step guidance to transition into a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Show you how to lose weight while eating delicious food and occasionally indulging in your favorites.
  • Help you focus your effort on a weight loss plan that doesn’t take over your life.
  • Track results and help you stay motivated and deal with setbacks.
  • Get results – drop inches, lose pounds, and regain your health.
You will see results in a few weeks. By the time you get to your 6 month anniversary, you will be thinner, energized, and healthier.

Break Free From The Yo-Yo Diet 

Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better.

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